Proteinase Repair


Cellular Rejuvinating Cream

• Ingredients:Glycolic Acid & Arginine, Jojoba Seed Oil, Crambe Abyssinica Seed Oil.

• Effects:Improves skin complexion by clearing blocked pores and regulating the epidermal tissue.

• Features:By integrating skin science and technology, this product contains a natural plant amino acid that effectively and safety exfoliates and renew the horny layer of rough dull skin resulting in younger, fresher and more beautiful skin.

• Suitable for:All skin type.

• Usage:Use twice weekly, avoid around the lip and eye area.


~ Should there be any swelling or redness, or incidences of a “biting” feeling, wash off and refrain from using product for a week. This should be due to the skin being very dry, tired and not containing enough moisture within the skin cells. Before using product again, please apply Soothing Serum, Lenitive Cream or Calming Cream or first.

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Cellular Rejuvinating Serum

• Ingredients:Glycolic Acid & Lactic Acid & Arginine, Papain, Proline, Serine, Bambusa Vulgaris

• Effects:Effective exfoliation; regulate humoral, whitening, cell renewal for a tender radiant skin.

• Features:By integrating skin science and technology, this product contains papain which rapidly stimulates micro-circulation when applied, triggering skin cells activity, maintaining normal cell metabolism so skin is more radiant, less flawed and spotted. Greatly aids in solving skin problems.

• Suitable for:Fragile. Sensitive and dehydrated skin due to environmental factors and other irritation.

• Usage:Use once every 7 to 10 days, avoid areas around lip and eye. For dry or sensitive skin, apply a layer of moisturizing cream before serum.



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