Sun Care


Hydrating Mist

• Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis, Laminaria Digitata Extract, Rosewood Oil.

• Effects:Excellent ' thirst-quencher' for the skin; Instantly absorbed, providing essential hydration and anti bacterial effect. Compact and handy packaging suits those on-the-go

• Suitable for:Splendid moisture spray for face and body, perfect for travellers and those on the move. Suitable for all skin types.

• Usage:Apply after sun block or make up.


Hydro Block

• Ingredients:Hypericum Perforatum, Leontopodium Alpinum, Buddleja Davidii

• Effects:

~ Can protect as high as 54% against UVA / UVB damages to cell Division(DNA). Soothe and defence skin against premature aging and penetration of free radicals.

~ Anti-inflammation effect, strengthen skin’s self defence against free radical and harsh weather.

• Suitable for:Face (before or after make-up) and body.

• Usage:

~ Spray on the face after toner, can use day and night.

~ Hydration and lasting make-up.

~ After applying treatment cream, mix with sun care and apply evenly over face, for sun protection and moisturizing.


Sun Care

• Ingredients:Titanium Dioxide, Sodium PCA, Hypericum Perforatum Extract

• Effects:Shield skin from damaging effects of harmful UVA/UVB. Oil-Free formula, proven to soothe skin and protect skin from moisture loss during exposure to sun. A superb choice as make-up base with UV protection.

• Features:Formulated with modern micro-filtration technology to filter and block away long wave ultraviolet radiation. Protects skin from UVA and UVB damages, defense from free radicals.

• Suitable for:All skin type.

• Usage:Mix with Hydro Block or apply directly after treatment cream. Can be used on face and body.



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