Advanced Blemish Control

• Ingredients:Horse Chestnut, Yeast Extract, Allantoin(Comfrey)

• Effects: • Alleviates and soothes deterioration of pustules, prevent bacteria from spreading, fights acnes, promote circulation and accelerate regeneration of skin, prevent breakouts and promote clear and healthy skin.

• Features:Enhance anti-bacterial effect of white blood cells, stop bleeding, promote healing of wounds and astringent efficacy.

• Suitable for:Acne, Pustules, Rash(blotchy) skin.

• Usage:Can be used AM and/or PM, apply on affected area.


Refining Cream

• Ingredients:Safflower Seed Oil, Morus Nigra, Laminaria Digitata

• Effects:Unique formula soften and breaks down harden sebum, blackheads and comedones without clogging pores. Prevents excessive sebum secretions, leaving the skin pleasantly fresh and achieving a matte complexion all day.

• Suitable for:For oily, clogged, open pores and skin with occasional rash.

• Usage:Use Day and Night after Toner, apply evenly over whole face.


Refining Spray

• Ingredients:Horse Chestnut, Yeast Extract, Biotin

• Effects:Organic water soluble formula, easily penetrate deeper into the skin, ease remove of aged cells and refine pores for a smoother brighter skin.

• Features:Improve metabolism of lipodase. Prevent invasion of propionibacterium. Enhance decomposition of lipase to combat inflammation, anti-bacterial and red swollen skin.

• Suitable for:Blackhead, comedone, open pores, oily or dry and dehydrated skin.

• Usage:Can use day and night. Apply evenly over the face (oily skin) before treatment cream. Helps strengthen absorption of treatment cream’s nutrient.


Synercomplex for Blemish and Acneic Skin

• Ingredients:Yeast Extract, Fomes Officinalis, Aesculus Hippocastanum

• Effects:Rapid, hemostasis, astringent and fast healing of wound, cleanse inflammation, anti-bacterial, eliminate pus and prevent from deteriorating.

• Suitable for:Oily, acne, pimple, pustule skin.

• Usage:Can be used day and night on the affected area. It also can be mixed with mask twice a week. For serious condition, apply the ampoules on the whole face for three consecutive days.



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