Hydro Sensitive Toner

• Ingredients:Matricaria Flower, Arnica Montana Flower, Witch Hazel. Lavender Flower

• Effects: Specially formulated for fragile, sensitive and dehydrated skin. Recommended to regulate skin's temperature, strengthen skin's natural immune ability.

• Suitable for:Fragile. Sensitive and dehydrated skin due to environmental factors and other irritation.

• Usage:Spray direct onto face day and night after cleansing, pat cheeks and forehead lightly with palm.


Slight redness may occur at the onset of treatment. However, redness should subside after 1-2 weeks after the skin's absorption level strengthens.


Refining Toner

• Ingredients:Aurantium Dulcis, Rose Canina, Laminaria Digitata

• Effects:Regulate, balance skin’s pH, calming and anti bacteria.

• Suitable for:• Clogged pores, oily skin.

• Usage:Morning and night. After cleanse, spray over whole face.


Toner Forte

• Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis, Althaea Officinalis Root Extract, Cucumber Fruit Extract.

• Effects:Feel fresh and satiny soft while your skin texture improve, attain a whitening effect for prolonged use thanks to the pure extracts of Aloe Vera, Grapefruit and Cucumber.

• Features:Nano-technology, enhance absorption by the skin. Leaving skin’s pH balanced and feeling cool and soft.

• Suitable for:All skin types.

• Usage:After cleanse, spray over whole face.



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